You will find S8 Racing's ethos refreshingly different. Make no mistake, when our drivers enter a race we are most definitely out to win! And we regularly do (take a look at our FaceBook page for details of our recent successes). Every driver who races under our awning is individually evaluated and monitored by Alex, Jim or another highly skilled team member. Their strengths and weaknesses are analysed, leading to a rapid improvement in driver ability and confidence. Each member is coached, tutored and encouraged every time out. We have a 'de-brief' after each race, giving constructive feedback on performance, and discussing areas for improvement. Not everyone can be the next Jenson Button, but we pride ourselves on bringing out the best in each driver, regardless of their age, experience and raw ability. Whether our drivers are suited to Club, National or European standard, we have the skills and facilities to take them there.

But at S8 Racing we believe there is more to karting than simply winning. We believe that the most important part of karting is having fun! You will find us friendly, always ready for a laugh (yes, even if we lose) and genuinely enjoying every day at the track. We know that we are helping to create memories that will stay with you and your family for a lifetime.

Working under the S8 awning may be more affordable than you think - in fact you may well find it cheaper than flying solo. Remember that by working with us you will have access to our expertise and experience - not to mention the costly tools and equipment that solo drivers have to buy themselves. Taking advantage of our experience can lead to much faster progress and help you to avoid costly and disheartening mistakes.

We believe that our greatest strength is the warmth and personalities within our team. Look out for our awning which is regularly at the PF International, Fulbeck and Kimbolton circuits and pop in for a chat. Alternatively contact us by phone or email.


Our Range of Professional Services includes:

  • Driver Training & Development - Novice to Experienced
  • Kart Preparation, Transportation and Storage
  • Engine Rebuilds and Equipment Repair
  • Awning Space at Club, National & International Events


The team now specialises in racing at club and national level in the following classes:

  • Bambino (6 - 8 year olds)
  • IAME Cadet (8 – 13 year olds)
  • Mini X30 (12 – 15 year olds)
  • Junior X30 (13 -16 year olds)
  • Senior X30 (16+ year olds)

Whatever your experience level or requirements we can help maximise your karting experience. Please contact us to discuss or meet us at the PFi and Fulbeck race weekends.

  • 2018 TF3 Model
  • Homologation number #007-CH-58
  • Specifications:28mm frame tubing50mm axle
  • Birel Freeline brakes
  • All magnesium equipment
  • 10mm king pins – for more front grip
  • Each kart built in Italy by Birel ART but homologation is by Fullerton. The Fullerton Kart is different to any other Birel made kart and has several unique features.
  • Model: X30 125cc Junior – Spec- UK/USA
  • Type: Single cylinder – 2 stroke
  • Lubrication: Oil mixture
  • Ignition: Digital
  • Transmission: Centrifugal Dry Clutch
  • Cooling: Water
  • Starter: ‘Touch-and Go’ Electric
  • Carburettor: Tillotson HW-27A & HW-34A (Mini)
  • Maximum power: 21 Hp
  • Maximum torque: 11 Nm
  • Maximum RPM: 16,000 RPM